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oh hi

well i never post, havent in i dont know how long, but i can not sleep and something brought me on here. i would have to say i am not at all the same person as i was when i stopped posting here. i think not posting here anymore was very healthy because i did not like the person i was here.

but now i am new, i am happy and i wanted to talk to some of my old lj friends. i need a new layout too. i feel like i'm wearing bad 80s clothes in 2004 again. hah.

i do have news! I AM GOING TO ENGLAND! next monday! i leave in one week and i am so excited!

not only that but for some reason i am also excited to be posting here again. i want to write about my life now and be the new me on here. the things i wrote about a couple years ago are NOTHING like my life now, its crazy weird. i'll be updating soon.

i think i'm ready to come back.

oh and no more friends only, i have nothing to hide.
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